Corre Energy is a mass energy storage solution which aims to unlock and distribute the underlying socioeconomic value within renewable storage. We aim to deliver a measurable positive impact on society by providing aggregated mass renewable energy as a service to wholesale and retail customers.

Energy storage has the potential to deliver a substantial positive impact on society through the use of renewable energy sources, which is not currently rewarded by regulated wholesale electricity markets.

Corre Energy is underpinned by Blockchain technology and is an asset-backed business. We have exclusive rights to 5 storage caverns, which can provide substantial amounts of energy storage and positive impact value; our flagship project is currently located in the Netherlands.

These rights to storage caverns have an auditable fair value of at least €50m.


Renewables are resulting in lower wholesale prices for electricity, but these savings are not being passed on to consumers.

Without storage, prices will continue to rise and €trillions will continue to be wasted due to fundamental inefficiencies in an outdated legacy system.

Wind turbines and solar farms are switched off when it’s too windy and sunny.

Without storage, we see an effect known as Curtailment, which is costing €billions per annum


Corre Energy is developing storage projects around the world with a positive impact, starting in Europe followed by the Middle East.

We are using blockchain technology to unlock €billions in positive impact value for society, and we have introduced Impact Credits to trade this value.

Corre Energy is supported by The Impact Shopping platform to monetise this Impact Value via an online, retail community of store owners, brands, influencers and shoppers.

We enable all participants in the online retail economy to contribute directly to projects which accelerate the deployment of sustainable energy storage globally; we will create a new class of investors to drive the transition towards a truly sustainable energy future.


In 2018, estimates suggest the volume of online retail sales was between €2-3 trillion. Our analysis of this market shows that the demographics of people most likely to shop online also show a natural propensity to want to participate directly in having a positive, measurable impact on the planet (Impact Projects).

Through the growth of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, a huge number of individuals have become “Influencers” with massive followings of fans. Many of these Influencers are YouTube Vloggers with fan engagement levels which rival that of celebrities and global brands.

Through our bespoke online retail platform, we can enable anyone to create an online store with a vast range of online products which can be sold to the customers they have influence over.

These online stores all have one thing in common – they help to save our planet. The proceeds Corre Energy receives from the Impact Store will go to building grid-scale energy storage assets, unlocking the hidden value in the existing market, enabling the energy transition to a sustainable future and directly impacting on the reduction of CO2 emissions.


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Anne O’Donnell


Stuart Livingstone

Chief Operations Officer

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Chief Financial Officer

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Chief Commercial Officer

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Chief Innovation Officer

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Head of Systems Modelling

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Head of Development & Origination 

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Head of System Storage

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EU Liaison Officer


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Mike English

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer

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Chief Marketing Officer

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Head of Retail Partnerships