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Corre Energy’s senior management team, led by CEO Keith McGrane, has put Corre at the forefront in the development and operation of LDES projects and products.

Our projects address the increasing balancing requirements of renewable power and provide important and cost-effective services to system operators in the form of storage and balancing services.

In short, we unlock the value of renewables by combining hydrogen production with long duration and flexible energy storage, and by doing so we can help to deliver more affordable, green energy to customers.

In addition to our senior management, our team of engineers, project managers and market analysts have extensive experience and success in the energy sector – in renewables, energy storage and hydrogen, with market-leading expertise in modelling the capability of LDES to integrate large-scale renewables.

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The team is actively developing two LDES projects in The Netherlands and Denmark and has obtained exclusive rights to a portfolio of energy storage projects across The Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany. Each project is designated within the European Union’s 10-year network development plan (TYNDP).

As we work to deliver material progress towards a decarbonised energy sector we need curious and skilled individuals who share our mission to support the transition to net-zero.