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How To Buy Corre Energy Shares

Although Corre Energy does not endorse or recommend any one service for buying or selling our shares, our shares can be traded through most banks, building societies, stock brokers, or “share shops” and trading platform apps.

If you have a stockbroking account, you can buy Corre Energy shares via your stockbroker in the usual way.

All of the above offer a similar service although the commissions they charge will vary.

Always keep the contract notes which are sent to you by the agent who buys or sells shares for you.

Neither Corre Energy nor the Registrar is able to offer financial advice or to confirm the price at which you bought or sold shares.

The stock ticker symbol is CORRE

If you are a Private Investor, you can buy CORRE shares by opening an account with our brokers; Davy.

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In addition, our stock is tradable via the online trading platforms listed below: