Rule 26

The information disclosed in this section and elsewhere within the Corre Energy website is in accordance with Rule 26 of the Euronext Growth Rules for Companies. Last updated 23/09/2021

Company information

Corre Energy is focused on the development, construction and future operation of grid-scale underground renewable energy storage facilities, as well as the production and sale of green hydrogen.

Country of incorporation and main country of operation

The Company was incorporated in the Netherlands on 1 March 2021 as a private company with limited liability (besloten vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid), with its corporate seat in Groningen, the Netherlands, and registered with the Dutch trade register under number 82068046.

Board of Directors
Committees of the board
Corporate governance
Corporate advisors and registrars


Documents and announcements

Notifications made by the Company
Constitutional documents
Financial reports
Information document and any circulars or similar publications sent to shareholders within the past twelve months
Number of securities in issue


Additional details

Details of any other exchange or trading platforms on which the Company has applied or agreed to have any of its securities admitted or traded

Application has been made to Euronext Dublin for the Ordinary Shares, issued and to be issued, to be admitted to trading and listing on Euronext Growth. The securities will not be dealt in on any other recognised investment exchanges and no applications have been made to be traded on any such other exchanges.

Details of restrictions on the transfer of the Company’s admitted securities

There are no restrictions on the transferability of the Company’s shares other than certain lock-up agreements entered into between the Company, Corre Energy Group Holdings C.V., certain beneficial shareholders and the Company’s Euronext Growth Advisors, J&E Davy.

Details as to whether the Company is subject to the Takeover Rules of the Irish Takeover Panel, or any provisions in its main country of operation, or any other provisions the Company has voluntarily adopted

The Company is not subject to any takeover regulations. No regulator will have jurisdiction in relation to the monitoring and supervision of a takeover bid for the Company.

Where the Company is not incorporated in Ireland, a statement that the rights of Shareholders may be different from the rights of Shareholders in an Irish incorporated company

The rights of holders of the Ordinary Shares will be governed by the laws of the Netherlands and the Company’s articles of association that will become effective immediately prior to Admission, including any further amendments from time to time. The rights of shareholders under the laws of the Netherlands may differ from the rights of shareholders of companies incorporated in Ireland and in other jurisdictions. Please see section 7.6 of Part 7 of the Admission Document (Effect of incorporation under the laws of the Nether lands and application of relevant aspects of Dutch corporate law) for further information.

Investor Relations
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