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A leader in hydrogen based energy storage

On 23rd September 2021, Corre Energy listed on Euronext Growth, a market operated by Euronext Dublin. Corre Energy is enabling the energy transition through underground energy storage solutions. We develop, design and commercialise energy storage systems in underground salt caverns, using known technology in Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) and hydrogen based systems.

ZW1 – CAES in the Netherlands

Corre Energy’s flagship green energy storage project ‘ZW1’, is strategically positioned to accelerate green energy adoption in the area and return a range of socio-economic benefits for the local residents in the area. The area has proven salt resources and infrastructure, excellent connections to grid, gas and hydrogen supply, and is ideally situated to serve as a storage platform for offshore wind.

On 31st March 2020, Corre Energy announced a partnership with Infracapital to fund, subject to the achievement of certain milestones, part of the development and the capital expenditure of the initial CAES Zuidwending (ZW1) project.

The project is also listed on the ENTSO-E Ten Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP), and will deploy advanced compressed air energy storage (CAES) technology to develop and implement renewable CAES solutions for the integration of renewable energy.

DK1 – Hydrogen based energy storage in Denmark

Alongside ZW1, our Denmark project (DK1) is also gaining significant headway. In December 2020, Corre Energy, in consortia with Eurowind Energy A/S and Danish state-owned transmission system operator Energinet (through its subsidiary Gas Storage Denmark) formally launched plans to establish one of the world’s largest green hydrogen production, storage and CAES hubs in Denmark. The project’s ambition is to combine CAES and green hydrogen production via electrolysis with two large-scale energy storage solutions – underground hydrogen storage – underground hydrogen storage and CAES.

Alongside these two initial projects, Corre Energy has 16 total potential projects in the pipeline, with a strategic approach to participation and financing. Our project pipeline is set to play a significant role in decarbonisation, and has provided a new, world-leading option for individuals looking to invest in energy storage.

Key Investment Highlights

  • Large and growing market for renewable energy storage in Europe
  • Multiple potential revenue streams from combining compressed air storage with green hydrogen production
  • First mover advantage with EU designated pipeline and tier-1 project partners including Infracapital (M&G) as partner for debut project
  • Highly experienced management team
  • Pipeline of 11 projects across Northern Europe

The European Union renewables targets can only be met with grid-scale energy storage

  • 108 GW of electricity storage required to meet EU decarbonisation targets by 2030
  • Energy transition at top of EU’s agenda: targeting climate neutral by 2050, with Green Deal expected to mobilise at least EUR 1 trillion over the next decade
  • Renewable power to grow to an estimated 70% of all EU energy generation by 2030 from 20% in 2020
  • Estimated 650x increase in H2 production by 2030 and an 8,000x increase by 2050
  • 55% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030 expected to require €350bn of additional investment

A unique market opportunity

  • Proven Technology – CAES technology has over 50-years of successful operation and is a proven grid-scale energy storage solution
  • Integrated H2 Value Chain – The co-location of air and hydrogen storage caverns with an electrolyser provides a lower cost storage solution
  • Symbiosis of H2 and CAES – H2 CAES provides balancing into the electricity market and a large-scale use-case for onsite hydrogen production
  • Scalable – The application is scalable by adding new capacity and caverns across Europe

Invest in Corre Energy