Corre Energy playing a role in driving Ireland’s economic growth

Read 'The Ireland Report' published by Newsweek

Newsweek’s Ireland Report, published in July 2022, describes the nation as ‘the global island’, which is ‘punching above its weight on the global stage’. Referencing the growing number of Irish tech ‘unicorns’ (start-ups with a value of over €1bn), along with the increasing amount of capital being invested into Irish start-ups each year, the report goes on to affirm why Ireland continues to be Europe’s fastest-growing economy.


Providing examples of businesses playing a significant role in driving the nation’s economic growth, Newsweek makes special mention to Corre Energy and our mission of ‘integrating renewable energy’.


The Report states:


“Irish-led company Corre Energy is providing a known solution to store renewable energy at scale. “Storing renewables over many hours and days can enable deep decarbonisation and address energy security,” says CEO Keith McGrane. Listed on Euronext Growth Dublin since 2021, Corre Energy is a leader in Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) using known Compressed Air Energy Systems technology, being deployed across Europe.”


“The Netherlands-based company has recognised expertise in the development, construction, and financing of CAES facilities and other LDES solutions, aiming to accelerate the transition to net zero and enhance the security and flexibility of energy systems.’


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