Regulatory Conditions and Sale Precautions

Corre Energy’s team has and will proceed with caution after seeking advice from multiple specialist legal representatives to ensure the Sale execution acts in accordance with the available regulation framework and most recent best practices. Token distribution requires investor whitelisting, passing KYC and AML. All early investors on the whitelist will be contacted to go through the KYC and AML process, once the Public Sale is complete.
All geographies “at risk” have been excluded from the sale process.

Important Legal Notice

This whitepaper is published by Corre Energy for general information about our project to invite community feedback and commentary and spread awareness of the project in its current form.  An investor who invests into Corre Energy is making their investment based on their own research and they acknowledge they have not received any financial advice or guidance from Corre Energy or the Corre Energy website. This website only contains information and does not constitute any kind of financial advice or guidance.
The whitepaper and Investor document may be subject to review and revision by the company and /or legal advisors of Corre Energy.

Financial & Market Risk

Potential investors must read and agree to these token Terms of Sale.

The token itself has no intrinsic value and may not be redeemed. As with all token sales, no equity rights are transferred to the investors. While tokens may be traded through one or more cryptocurrency exchanges, there is no guarantee of value, and the token may be delisted at any time that it does not meet the listing requirements of the exchange.

The crypto asset market is immature, and there are numerous risks that threaten the whole market, including but not limited to regulatory risk, the potential collapse of the CES token as a cryptocurrency, loss of the password key that gives access to a digital wallet and the potential for bad actors to attack and steal the contents of the digital wallets that belong to members of the Corre Energy community.

The acquisition of Corre Energy tokens involves a high degree of risk. Before acquiring Corre Energy tokens, it is recommended that each purchaser conduct their own careful research of all relevant information and risks (including as set forth on our website and in additional documentation associated with the sale of Corre Energy tokens).